Monday, May 23, 2011

Semoule à l'Estelle

An original recipe from Estelle!

1 liter milk
80 g sugar
~ with as much vanilla sugar included as you have handy! (its expensive, but a packet isn't bad...)
1 stick of vanilla
~ cut open and pour the grains inside into the mix, throw in the husk while cooking, but remove it before pouring the desert into the final containers
100 g fine semoule (it really does have to be fine, thick semoule just wont do!)

1* Put the milk, sugar and vanilla on to boil
2* Meanwhile, put some caramel (made or bought, but not in this post, sorry) into the bottom of the containers you are going to use. Put these in the refrigerator while you cook. This way, when you add the hot mixture the caramel will be cool enough to stay on the bottom and not mix with or just plain rise above the semoule concoction
3* Just as it reaches a boil turn down the heat and slowly and evenly add the semoule "en pluie," like rain, sprinkled on top
~ you really do need to do it this way or you will end up with clumps! slowly and like rain... slowly and like rain... chant that to yourself if you need to
4* Turn off the heat, let cool slightly, pour into containers with caramel in the bottom
5* Let it be for a while, lots of things like this are more tasty the next day. Desert for breakfast!

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