Wednesday, May 25, 2011

la Crème au Chocolat


1 L milk
200g dark chocolate
80g sugar

40g corn starch
2 eggs

1~ Heat the first 3 ingredients over med low heat, melting the chocolate.
2~ Blend well the corn starch and eggs and pour into the milk mixture JUST as it gets hot, but BEFORE it boils. In this way, you DONT COOK THE EGGS
3~ From the moment you add the egg-starch mixture you MUST keep stirring until you turn off the heat at the end. If not, zoo vill COOK THE EGGS
4~ Continue until it is welllll thickened, turn off the heat, and pour into your serving size containers. Let cool until room temperature, then throw in the fridge.

Note: this makes kind of a lot of crème... a half recipe will do for most occasions!

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