Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Farouq’s Irish Kangaroo Stew

Ridiculous name. I know. But basically this is the "irish stew" Farouq made in London as a student, and he happened to have two steaks of kangaroo lying around when I visited him and Jordan in Vire, France a couple weeks ago. Here is Farouq, upside down:

3-4 potatoes
3 carrots
1/4 a cabbage
and/or a leek
1 onion
2 lamb steaks, cut into bite size chunks
(tranches gigot d’agneau)
2 kangaroo steaks, cut into bite size chunks
2 cubes of bouillon
herbs: Parsley, thyme, salt and pepper

secret ingredient: Worshteshire sauce

*Brown meat, put aside.

*Clean, peel, chop veggies into stew-sized pieces of your choice and sauté them in the same pan (= in the same juice!). Add back in meats, add herbs, wine, and bouillon dissolved in some water.

*Let it stew on a medium heat for... a while. maybe an hour?

NOTE: In terms of order or sautéing veggies, the good news is that stews and soups are extremely forgiving. Same goes for meat. Probably, you could just throw it all in some water on low heat and wait a few hours (see: crock pot)

BUT it is always more yummy to follow this basic pattern (im sure better cooks could improve this… suggestions welcome!):

Brown meat to seal in flavor
Sautee onions early and add garlic late – garlic burns much faster!
Starches like potatoes and carrots (okay, I guess they’re not starches, but you get my point) take longer to cook, so make sure to give them enough time.

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