Monday, May 23, 2011

Beurre Blanc

An intensely buttery sauce. Perfectly Parisian, and perfect for company.
Probably you will never make this, one because it is hard to do and not healthy, but also because it requires a very specific instrument that apparently is no longer in production...

*Cut into slices 250g butter and set aside to soften for a few hours

*Dice 3-4 shallots (we only had 2 last time and added a small onion, I liked it better, I think!) and put them in a sauce pan

*Add just enough liquid to cover them and make them float, using half red wine vinegar and half water.

*Simmer on very low heat just until all the liquid is gone. Place in your fancy french sauce making machine that is no longer in production...

Yes, I know I am giving you an impossible recipe, but oh it is so good! Maybe one day...

NOTE: This sauce should be made at the very last second possible before serving, so if you need to you can stop here and this can sit until you are ready

*Turn on your saucerie and when it is warm (eschalots already added) add the butter one strip at a time, waiting until the last is completely melted before adding another.

Eat over steamed white fish!

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