Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bananas Flambées

Oh yes.

All you need: (read: all you need in life)
**Bananas that have gotten REALLY over ripe and turned completely black
*note: with fruit, the blacker they get, the more sugar they have made! But this also means they will be fragile, so be prepared to eat bite-sized pieces of Bananas Flambée if you are clumsy

Step One: half the bananas length-wise and start a generous heap of butter melting in your pan.
Step Two: add bananas and let pop and sizzle as they caramelize, flipping once when the bottom is well browned in the buttery goodness
~ note: for turning, it is helpful to use two spoons/forks, one in each hand to gently flip
Step Three: Sprinkle with sugar and let second side sizzle and pop in buttery browning goodness
Step Four: Rum it
Step Five: Flambée!!!
~yes, make big flame
Step Six: have an orgasm in your mouth as you eat it still hot. Maybe with vanilla ice cream

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