Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hachis Parmentier Olivier

This blog is seriously lacking in main dishes etc.. long live sugar!

A traditional french dish that it seems is usually made with beef, but Olivier had some "good turkey breast" that his mother had brought from her province. The potato puree that starts the dish, he says, is "key!"

1.Cook and shread meat
2.Make purée
3.Cover with grated swiss cheese

*cook in butter in the form that is best for your chosen meat, in form of your choice and cut/chop/pull/cut into small pieces

3 small potatoes per person, plus two
save the water when you boil them
tons of butter
Parsley and Chives (persille et ciboulette)
extra virgin olive oil

*Boil potatoes, which is made much easier by a pressure cooker
*Mash (écrase) the potatoes with the liquid from boiling them (more flavor! always a plus)
*Add a bunch of butter (60g when he made this large casserole)
*stir in the parsley, chives and meat (mélange)
*more butter (40g this time)
*drizzle with olive oil

*Cover with grated swiss cheese (gruyere rapée)

*Bake at 225C for 15 minutes