Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saturday Morning Biscuits

I don't know where my mom got this recipe, but it is a staple for family breakfasts. The recipe is very flexible because to write it down I watched my mom make it over and over again and tried to record what she was doing by muscle memory into a recipe form. Basically you just need flour and enough milk to make it sticky, but cutting in the butter makes them tasty...

These biscuits are PERFECT for Strawberry Shortcake if you just add sugar to the dough!

32 oz package of self rising flour
1 stick of salted butter (1/2 cup)
(I like to add 1/2 cup of sugar... I simply have a sweet tooth)

Note: If its not self rising flour your biscuits will be like small, flat bricks when you take them out of the oven

*'Cut' the butter into the flour
This is a fancy cooking term. Basically it means put the flour in a
bowl, but the flour on top, and use a fork or a cooking tool
especially for this purpose to cut up the butter into
smaller and smaller pieces until it just
kind of blends into the flour

Save a little flour for the shaping of the dough!!

*Pour in about 1/2 a cup of milk
Use just enough milk to make the dough sticky. For this reason the
amount of milk needed may vary. Pour slowly while
mixing with a metal spoon

*When the dough is sticky spoon out palm sized balls of dough into a small bowl of flour and flip
*When the biscuit is coated with flour (meaning its no longer sticky) and use your hands to shape them into flat, round biscuits
*Put the biscuits on the baking tray so that their sides are touching as much as possible
*Bake at 425 degrees for about 13 minutes, or until golden brown

My dad likes it best with homemade strawberry jelly... :)

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