Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mom's Amazing Cream Cheese Icing

This icing is the taste of my childhood... its heaven on a cake. or between two cookie. or pretty much anything I could think of. This is one of those recipes that everyone asked for when my mom would make a cake for class or on birthdays. and it takes like two minutes...

1 lb box of confectioners sugar (453 grams)
1 stick of salted butter (4 oz or 113 grams)
At least 3 oz of cream cheese
- dont try reduced fat cheese... it doesn't work...
a few table spoons of milk, to consistency
1 tbs vanilla extract
optional: and food covering

**beat cream cheese and butter in a mixer until they're creamy, using a spatula to
**slowly add sugar and vanilla extract
**Add one or two tablespoons of milk until it is spreading consistency

Wait until the cake cools to put on the icing or
the icing will melt and slide off the cake

TO SPREAD: use a spoon or spatula to put dollops of icing around the top of the cake, then use the spatula to connect them. spreading this way makes the layer of icing thick enough that it doesnt start pulling the top of the cake off... if you've tried icing a cake with too little icing you know what I'm talking about...

The original option is chocolate... just add 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of cocoa powderdepending on how dark you want it
For an orange icing add the zest of one orange and use orange juice instead of milk
For spice cakes (or similar varieties) add nutmeg, cinnamon, and allspice (mom says some ground cloves, but im doubtful) and use KAHLUA instead of milk... mmm.
**(for easy spice cake just add these same ingredients to yellow box cake)

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