Sunday, July 12, 2009


There are a million recipes for this on the internet. One of my favorite descriptions of the process is this. BUT instead of mixing it with a mixer, I prefer to just use a Mason Jar, you know, like you did when your kindergarten class made butter?:

Ingredients: okay, there's just one. Cream.
whipping cream, heavy cream, double cream, or
generally high fat content cream will work

You'll end up with about half the amount of cream you use as butter, the other half as buttermilk. See pic.

*Pour cream into a mason jar *Add a few pinches of salt and seal tightly. *Shake, shake shake shake...

The cream will start as a liquid, then turn into whipped
cream and feel like it wont shake anymore. But keep
shaking and all the sudden the liquid will clump
and the previously foggy glass will be clear
and there will be a curdled looking
fluid in the bottom.

Keep shaking and in just a few more minutes you will suddenly
notice that there is a clump of butter sitting in some
milk in your jar; this is buttermilk.

*Pour out the buttermilk (use it to make sour cream or cheese!!!) *Rinse rinse the butter
If you don't get out the remaining small amounts
of buttermilk in the butter, the buttermilk
will make the butter go 'rancid'
within the day.

SO, put COLD water (warm water is obviously not good for butter... you'd think i wouldn't have used it when I first made this...) in the jar and shake it some more, then pour out the water.

Repeat until the water is clear.

*Work the butter with a fork and get as much of the liquid out.
I don't really know what this does, exactly, but I put in a couple icecubes while I did it and I could see the butter starting to look cleaner and just plain more like butter as i did it.

**Some recipes say to use a cheese cloth to strain out the remaining liquid, others to shape it with silverware etc.. I just put it in the fridge

Put it on some toasted homemade bread!!!

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