Sunday, July 12, 2009

mmm Caramel Sauce

This is kind of a cheater's version of caramel sauce because real
caramel is burned white sugar. This recipe just uses brown
sugar and Karo syrup to emulate the consistency and taste.

1 c brown sugar (about)
1/2 to 3/4 butter (1 stick +)
1/4 c + Karo syrup
salt to taste

*Put all in a sauce pan on low heat
this is one of those times a good sauce
pan makes a difference; a thicker
bottom is good

*Cook until the sugar dissolves, and it comes to a boil, but NO MORE!!
This part is really hard... If it is UNDER cooked it is grainy
because the sugar granules have not dissolved
If you
OVER cook it, it gets hard and grainy again

(different grainy... but neither is good)

So just stop as soon as when you scoop up some of
the sauce with a spoon and let it drip back into
the pot you cant seegranules, and
there is a slight boil

*You can reheat the sauce after the first time, but always add a little liquid; milk works well

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