Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tube of Frozen Celery: what to do with celery leaves

When I buy a bunch of fresh celery - which I do quite often because I am convinced that celery makes everything better - I feel guilty throwing away the leaves. They LOOK like all the herbs I buy that are so freaking expensive, but they're trash? So I started researching. They ARE indeed an herb, and they add the celery freshness without needing to always have branches on hand!

So now I wash, chop, and freeze them. If they are completely (or almost) dry when I stick them in the freezer, they don't stick together at all, and I can just scoop out a fourth of a cup when I cook soups, lentils, sauces, etc.. Wrap the dried, chopped leaves in plastic wrap, and then in tin foil as seen above, in a sort of light saber shape or in a freezer box, and then you can just open one end and scoop/pour out the desired amount each time.

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