Thursday, May 10, 2012

Algerian Mint Tea

I am in love. with Algerian tea.

1 heaping tablespoon green tea
1 botte of mint leaves (six branches or so)
~ did you know it's just a weed?
6 tablespoons sugar
boiling water

1. Rinse the mint and stuff it in your kettle with the sugar. Boil your water.

2. Put the tea in a glass and pour in just enough hot water  to cover it, but not more. Pour that water out. This gets rid of some of the bitterness, but if you add too much water it will also take away from the flavor.

3. Add the tea and hot water to your kettle.

4. The really fun part of Algerian tea is aerating it before serving it. This mixes it, and more importantly oxygenates it. Pour a glass of tea, then pour it back in the pot. Pour from high above, and do it five or six more times. It

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  1. Hi, thanks for the post!
    Actually, I am Algerian So I can't say something like "Wow, I think I'll try it" or so, but let me tell you that even in Algeria there's a plethora of kinds of tea; and in common sense the best is said to be the Saharan tea... Sorry for my Bad English :)
    Anyways, hope you'd find more interesting things from my country ( it kinda makes me feel Happy ).