Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ukranian Beet Salad

When I arrived at Masha's place with my notebook ready and camera posed (actually, i forgot my camera and she let me use hers... I am ridiculous, she is generous), she cloaked me in an apron (yes!) and we set to work. I was expecting a grueling afternoon that would all be worth it with rabbit as the reward. Then Thomas walked in with bread. it was great to see him.

About 15 minutes later the Rabbit was cooking away amidst the carrots, no longer in need of my incessant questions. I think Masha was enjoying herself, though. Lucky me! She whipped out more ingredients and taught me this Ukranian holiday dish! I am so NOT complaining... So thomas made some awesome cocktails that I will never be able to repeat, but were so good! Thanks Thomas!

She said when she was little she complained when her mom cut up the hazelnuts, but you too will understand the subtle difference with the ingredients all chopped. Listen well, little ones, momma knows best.

This is normally a holiday dish, which makes sense as dried fruits and nuts would be a treat in the cold of a Ukranian winter... I have NO qualms, however, eating it in the spring in Paris... with Thomas and Masha.

3 pickled beets, shredded (betteraves épluchées)
-if you have one of those four sided shredders, use the one that makes the smallest pieces
a handful of cut nuts (we used hazelnuts, but walnuts would be great, too!)
a handful of dried prunes, cut up
a generous dollop or two of sour cream, or fresh cream, or heavy cream... this is one subtlety I am yet to understand in French...


okay, to be fair, apparently I forgot to take a picture of the finished product. This is pre-stirring. The final product is a pink, sweet, casserole-like substance. Think "church picnic pink, fluffy, fruit salad." And if you're not from the south, ignore this completely.

shame. Ill post a final product picture next time I make it!

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