Tuesday, April 5, 2011


1. move to Paris
2. find a really happy sheikh
3. accept invitation to zikr and afterward fall in love with his amazing cake
4. memorize recipe
5. confuse couscous and semole, resulting in a massive first failure with fellow-cake-enthusiest
6. try, try again

The pictures are of a half recipe, but I am putting here the full recipe so as to be more true to the original. But oh my, it is a large cake.

5 eggs
1/2 kilo sugar (yes, 500g)
1/2 kilo fine semole (FINE. not couscous, and not regular sized semole. FINE)
250g melted butter
250g yogurt, cream, or similar ingredient
- someone in the US PLEASE try this with cream cheese and let me know how it is)
1 tsp fleur d'orange (an extract I've never seen at home... but is everywhere here!)
sprinkling of cinnamon
white raisins

Mix, butter and flour pan (this means smoother the pan with butter, covering ever inch, pour in a few tbsp of flour and shake the pan until it is lined in butter), pour in batter, bake at 220c for about 25 minutes, eat. He told me lower heat for longer is better, but this one went for 35 minutes at 200, but was a little dry, so apparently I overdid it.

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