Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Legit chai

Lorilei inspired me!! She brought a warm thermos of chai over for some persian practice and it was all over. I went straight to the store to get some ingredients and have had a constant craving for this stuff since. 

I rummaged around online for recipes, and this is my version of the recipe from Chai! - they really know their stuff.

This recipe makes two cups, because you're going to want another one.

Bring to a boil:
*1 1/2 c water

*1 inch cinnamon stick
-once I used a few shakes of ground cinnamon. It was fine, except that it left a grainy end to the chai
*9 pieces cardamum
*9 whole cloves
*a couple slivers ginger root
Turn down the stove to medium low, put a lid on it, and let simmer for 15 minutes

*2 bags of chai tea (I am yet to try looseleaf black tea, but its the original tea. Darjeeling would be good)
*1 c milk (fattiness of your choice, I use 1% because its half way between guilt free and yummy)
*2 Tbsp sugar
~ I know, its kind of a lot, but who am I to argue with tradition? Chai is drunk sweet!

Steep for 2-3 minutes (or 5-10 if you're brave), strain, enjoy.

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