Saturday, September 14, 2013

Oh the things you'll eat: living with a Brazilian cook

I have been shamefully negligent getting these recipes up on the blog, partly because I have been so busy eating this endless parade of wonderful Brazilian food living with Jac this past year. Many of these I could never recreate, but others I will sure do my damndest to make and post and share and love with you all. From white-corn-and-peanut creamy deserts, to every-part-of-the-pig beans and rice and straight-to-your-head caipirinhas, I have never eaten such a constant stream of delicious things as over the last year and I miss my Jac very very much (for many reasons, but the lack of good Brazilian food sure doesn't help!)

Thankfully, she left me with a whole bag of frozen Pão de Queijo (cheesebread) when she deposited me in my new home in St. Louis. And thankfully for you, they're almost out and I have the recipe for back up, so that will be coming soon.

Until then, let your eyes water over these photos and come back soon!

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