Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Egg, celery and bean sprout stir fry

This was simply made out of what was handy, but it turned out really delicious, even on the second and third try! So I am sharing. A quick dinner for two; absolutely perfect with sour cream, crème fraiche, ou bien soy sauce.

1 onion (any but red)
2 celery stalks
2 eggs
a good salt; I've been making celery salt... more to come on another post
a tablespoon of two of butter or olive oil for the sautéing

I/Dice the onion and celery and sautée them in the oil/butter on a medium high heat until they start to color a bit (meaning, brown a bit).

II/Throw in the bean sprouts just as the onions brown and let them sautée for a couple minutes.

III/Break the eggs straight into the pan and keep stirring until the eggs cook. This will be fairly fast. Its best not to overcook them, but don't worry about it too much.

IV/Salt and pepper and serve hot with rice, sour cream, soy sauce, or whatever you like. I eat it with ketchup. because I am classy like that.

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  1. This dish looks delicious! And I love all the different ingredients of it. This would be so good for my breakfast tomorrow. I will now go to the market and buy the ingredients of this dish. Thanks for sharing!

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