Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sharing: Bagels, Brownies, and Pizza Dough

These recipes need no input from me. The directions are thorough, the ingredients are specific yet supple, and there is the added benefit of sharing some of my favorite sources of cooking brilliance. Oh the wonderful world of food bloggers which is also rich, and diluted. I share these because that perfect recipe is very hard to come by. And each of these is exactly that.

Classic Brownies from Smitten Kitchen

Bagel recipe and tutorial from Peter Reinhart, the modern king of baking, author of The Bread Baker's Apprentice, which I have seen cited in more baking blogs/tutorials/articles than any other source.

This was the most luxurious feeling, perfectly measured dough I have ever touched... simply silky! okay, I need to back away from baking for a few days...

Note: VeganDad has baked through the entire book, making each recipe vegan, which makes him not only a good source for inspiration, but a great place to find substitutions.

I also discovered between Smitten Kitchen and Peter Reinhart's blog that he has been on a "Pizza Quest" to find the perfect pizza. Though I got bored with the site, I tried his Country Pizza Dough last night with absolutely WONDERFUL results. So good I forgot to take a picture. But here is the beautifully smooth dough while rising. Maybe I'll catch a photo later this week on round two. I made a half recipe and got three pizza crusts that are the perfect size to feed the two of us dinner with a side salad.

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