Friday, October 14, 2011

Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla sugar is a fairly common ingredient in baked goods in almost every country's cuisine I've heard of, other than the US. SO, this is both an easy way to get an ingredient that you wouldn't necessarily be able to find at home, and more importantly, it makes every recipe more delicious...

C'est simple. Keep a jar of sugar in your cabinet (I mixed raw sugar and white sugar... for no good reason) and every time you finish using a stick of vanilla in a recipe rinse it, let it dry a spell, and stick it into the jar. You can even shred them for good measure. The sugar soaks up the flavor. Voilà. Substitute 10g (a few tablespoons) in every dish you bake (or all of it if you really want a flavor boost), and it adds a nice layer of flavor.

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