Sunday, February 20, 2011

La Crème au Caramel

La Crème. Yes, I know "cream" just means fatty milk in English, but its a whole category of desert here! Something between pudding and custard, it seems, depending on the amount of eggs and flour.

1. Wisk together one heaping tablespoon of corn starch and 1 egg

2. put 100g raw sugar in a sauce pan (or just any slightly deep, silver pan) on low-med heat and let it melt

3. pour in 1/2 liter milk. The cold milk will make the sugar (now caramel) harden on contact, so you have to stir for a little while, waiting for it to melt into the milk

4. Let the milk and sugar mixture cool down to almost room temperature and wisk in the egg/corn starch mixture

5. Reheat, stirring frequently until its hot and a little bit foamy around the edges. (if you don't let it heat/cook a bit here it probably wont firm up into crème, maybe more of a pudding at that point?.)

6. Allow to sit for a bit, refrigerate if you need to, enjoy.

*For Vanilla Crème, use 80g vanilla sugar, skip the melting of the sugar and add "a stick of vanilla." I have no idea who sells vanilla in sticks, but Estelle says its better than vanilla extract. Caramel is really just burned sugar, so you're skipping that part and adding vanilla flavor.

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